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Hiya can I have a private post. Need advice on dating/ sex life lol I finally…

Hiya can I have a private post.
Need advice on dating/ sex life lol

I finally started dating again šŸ˜€ with someone I’ve known for a year which is brilliant but he’s uffy hot and cold.
He lives an hour away each way from me and works starts at 6am and he has his wee girl every weekend. I love that he works and is an amazing dad. But dating is tricky. By I time I finish work and spend some time with my son who I have full time (no father around) it’s hard to drive all the way through to come all the way home. Don’t think he gets the hole me being a full time mum. He seems to only want me to stay when suits him and it’s when it’s for sex. Plus we’ve had a number of sex problems. I know he works long hours and that but we will be having fun and then half way through he will go soft. Hell act all fine about it but try to have fun again later and the same will happen. I try my hardest not to make a big deal of it but yet again it happened on Sunday night while I was staying 3 times he tried and yet again he’s waited till two days later to tell me in a text maybe we need to cool things off so he’ll just see me next week. He’s done this every time this has happened. Which has been a lot !
Today was his birthday so we did have plans to see each other so he came through to me even after he’s sent the text for 2hours and we got chatting and he said come to mine on Sunday. I reminded him I start my new job on Monday so couldn’t and his response was it’s alright it’s not to stay anyway.
I don’t actually know why am annoyed maybe am just pmsing. But it’s actually hurt my feelings. I feel like am only ok to stay when it’s for sex and I feel like he takes it out on me when he can’t perform. He’s said a few times he was going to go to the docs but hasn’t and it was the cause of his last relationship.
Am I just being daft ? Or do I have some right to be annoyed ? How would use handle it ?


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