I Have One Too Many…

ONE TOO MANY… So what does that actually mean?
I’ll tell you… It means whatever YOU decide it means, and it applies to every one of us.
For me it’s one too many cardboard toilet rolls on the bathroom floor, that have conveniently missed the bin
One too many lovely dresses hanging in the wardrobe that I don’t have the confidence to wear
One too many biscuits I shouldn’t have eaten with that cup of tea
One too many comments from people who I smile off, and pretend to ignore, yet get stored in my bank of things to over think πŸ˜₯
One too many drinks because I’ve got over excited at the thought of being out and having a *good time* πŸ™ˆ
One too many days I have to get home from a long day working, and having to start again when I get home
One too many losses in my life that I have to get on with, that NEVER go away 😭
And if I’m honest, probably one too many children!! πŸ˜‚
My Mum suffered a terrible loss of her husband, my Dad, when my brother and I were young. She used alcohol as a crutch for many years, but she battled and she got through, and she tells me to write a gratitude list every day. To be thankful for life, and health, and to live everyday like it could be the last. Sometimes even that seems too much, but I am certainly starting to clean up the weeds of my head garden, and new buds are already pushing through. I focus on what I HAVE GOT, rather than what I haven’t. And slowly but surely I realise it feels SO MUCH BETTER.
I am blessed with these four BEAUTIFUL children, and my God am I the luckiest Mummy on the planet
What are your ‘one too many’s’ and what are you thankful for today?
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