Joie Stroller Burn Risk



For all you moms looking for strollers to keep your little ones cool this summer, please stay away from Joie. A couple of weeks ago I bought this Joie Nitro Stroller from Argos and 2 days ago while walking to my daughters Nanny’s house the frame of the stroller got so hot in the bank holiday sun that it burnt her finger.

We weren’t out in the stroller for long, 1 hour tops! And in that time the frame got hot enough to blister her finger so much that we had to take a trip to the hospital.

Joie Stroller Burn Risk
Joie Stroller Burn Risk

Joie claims to ‘put every piece of every product through extreme testing’ in order to keep our babies safe. However, in my experience this was not the case.

I did not want to put this on Facebook but I didn’t want anyone else to go through the same thing!


For those of you say that ‘metal gets hot’ I’m not an idiot I know metal gets hot but strollers should be made out of non conducting material so it doesn’t get dangerously hot enough to burn any of our babies. BASIC SCIENCE

Credit Kayleigh Gittens

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