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This Pill Made Me Go Blind And Have A Stroke

Ok so thought I’d share. I’m aware pills work differently for everybody, but I’ve seen loads of articles on this pill affecting girls. I’ve been on this pill 3 months.

Last night I experienced the worst thing in my life – my eyes started fitting and I went blind for 10-15 mins. Didn’t think much of it (I never have anything happen to me) and I went to sleep. I’ve been having migraines for a few months so just thought it was to do with that.

Well, I woke up this morning, I felt dizzy & sick, lost feeling in my right arm and my legs were weak. I text my friend who asked to see my face & I was ill but Not drooping (looking for signs of a stroke). At this point I’m just thinking I’m coming down with something.

My friend got me to phone 111 (I had to twice as I got worse) who advised me to go to hospital ASAP. So, I got to hospital and saw a doctor. Turns out, I was in the early stages of having a stroke & if I had left it and continued to take this pill for a few more days, I would have had a stroke.

At 21 years old, it’s the last thing you expect and I still do not feel myself. I am aware the pill works different for everybody, however I have seen A LOT on this one, and I was even questioning whether to when I first went on it.

Thankfully, I went to hospital and know the cause. If I had ignored it and continued to taking the pill, I would have had a stroke.

Credit Chelsea Rebecca Briggs



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