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Mum Told To Abort Baby By Dr, But Mum Would Not Give up

I received the awful news that there’s no fluid left around my baby the deepest pool was 1.8cm because of this my babies lungs can’t develop so if it survives full term we won’t get more than an hour with him before he passes away, this is what we were told 4 months ago.

Doctor after Doctor told me there was NO HOPE, NO CHANCE of survival, one Doctor even told me I was wasting NHS money and time continuing with this pointless pregnancy and just to abort it and move on.

This was not a thing to discard this is my child, a much wanted and tried for baby boy, even if I only get to hold him for a minute it would be worth it.

Did my baby not deserve a chance to fight for the right to live, I messaged into Mums advice and asked if there was anything I could do to give my baby more hope.

One woman (I wish I could remember her name) told me to drink water as if it were going out of fashion, just drink, drink, drink, I followed her advice and my baby thrived, he grew, he made it to 32 weeks before deciding it was time to meet his mama.

Samuel Chance was born on July the 26th, he took a breath, he screamed a tiny sound, an hour passed and he was still with me.

Samuel is still in the special care unit and fighting every day, he is gaining in weight and in strength this boy won’t give up and neither will I.

Thanks Mums advice for believing in Hope and helping me to stay strong for my baby boy!!!

I want to urge mums out there not to give up if you have a glimmer of hope you have to hold on to it.

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