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so i have a 6 yr old, both me and my hubby work. my mums best friend has a daugh…

so i have a 6 yr old, both me and my hubby work. my mums best friend has a daughter that moved just down the road from me and it started out well and she has been taking my boy to and from school, recently i found out she has been fighting with her neighbours and smoking weed, she has even invited people round so they can smoke it after she has done the school run. i went to pick my boy up and the kids were locked in the bedroom and they were smoking bongs in the room, i was horrified…anyway to cut a long story short she doesn’t see the issue even though her kids are a step away from being taken into care themselves…and when i have tried tackling her about the weed and everything she brushes it off and still expects me to let her look after my boy…my question is how do you get it through to them that you don’t want them looking after your kid when they don’t see what they are doing is wrong? and it could cause issues with my mum and her best friend who have been best friends since they were kids? no bashing please


5 thoughts on “so i have a 6 yr old, both me and my hubby work. my mums best friend has a daugh…

  • I only read so far before I had to comment…why the hell would you let someone who’s a step away from having there kids taken look after your child??

  • Wether what she doing is wrong or right is irrelevant. You are the mother, so if you are Uncomfortable with her actions you have every right to seek alternative childcare. Your mum needs to tell her friend to take up any issues with you ….. leave her out of it, this is your decision, not your mums. Just tell her straight, you don’t have to be a dick about it. Just that you would rather your child not be in the situation. X

  • Just tell her you don’t want your child around drugs of any sort, and you’d prefer them to not be locked in a bedroom, you appreciate her help, but you’ve made alternative provisions for the future.

  • Just don’t take your kid round there. Put him in proper child care. If she doesn’t see any harm in doing it around her own kids she isn’t going to stop for someone else’s x

  • Why do you care if it affects them? You’re the mother and if you don’t want her looking after him, then she doesn’t.


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